Can the Satie frame be installed in any type of enclosure and/or box?

The frames are custom designed and can be installed in any brand of enclosure and box. The Satie frame usually mounts to the existing studs of the cabinet and/or the framing or Unistrut for the different types of enclosure.

Can the Satie frame be integrated into the machine chassis of a machine or in a custom enclosure?

Because the Satie frames are custom designed they can be installed in any custom enclosure or machine chassis.

Can the Satie frames accommodate vertical runs of components?

Yes the Satie frame allows for horizontal and vertical runs depending on the application.

exemple bornier vertical

Does the Satie frame require a deeper cabinet

The depth of the cabinet is usually determined by less than 20% of the components (Drive, Disconnects, Transformers, …) For those components the Satie frame allows for a recessed mounting (see below pictures) so the devices will be seating at the same depth as if they were mounted on a traditional back panel. Thus, allowing the enclosure to stay with the same depth.


Does the Satie System frame need an enclosure accessible from the back?

The wiring of the Satie frame is entirely done from the front and doesn’t require an access from the back. By design the Satie frames have clearance on each side between the frame and the side of the cabinet allowing access to the wiring at all time without having to come from the back.

For more information please refer to our wiring manual.

Does the wiring need to be done inside the enclosure?

The frame can be wired directly inside the cabinet as well as outside on the bench and be installed in the enclosure afterwards.

When wiring on the bench the frame is much lighter and easier to handle.

How to ground a Satie frame?

Every part of the Satie frame is at equipotential so the frame can be connected to the ground at one location. See grounding manual for more details.

How to wire with bigger gauge wires?

The wiring combs have been designed to accommodate wires from 20 to 4 gauges. For the bigger sections the smaller teeth can be broken off. For even bigger sections, please refer to our wiring manual.

What are the available colors for the plastics?

All plastics are available in Blue and Grey.


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